Graduate Education Institute

Graduate education aims to provide students with scientific expertise and competence as a continuation of their four-year undergraduate education. Postgraduate education, which produces and disseminates information, provides scientific innovation and technological developments, and also has great importance in raising researcher manpower with high qualifications, has a strategic importance in raising scientists and realizing national science policies.

It is seen that the number of qualified and full-time researchers needed by universities, research institutions and the private sector in our country should increase. Although it is stated that the number of approximately 400,000 students and the number of graduate students, who have a 5% rate in higher education, should increase in order to reach the desired levels of the number of researchers, higher education institutions have an important role to play.

In this context, as Atlas University, we prioritize Postgraduate Education, which we see as the center of research, as we openly express in our mission as to produce and disseminate valid and usable knowledge for the benefit of society and humanity through research at national and international level in the light of science.

Under the umbrella of the "Graduate Education Institute", which we started with the undergraduate education in the 2020-2021 academic year, we are in an effort and endeavor to spread it to a wide spectrum in the fields of Science, Health Sciences and Social Sciences in a short time.

We are pleased to see candidate scientists with scientific curiosity who want to improve and specialize in technological laboratories, under the scientific consultancy of our university's experienced academic staff, in Atlas Scientific Research Groups.