Midwifery Graduate Program

The aim of Istanbul Atlas University Midwifery Master's Program without Thesis is; To train professionals who gain in-depth knowledge of the field, have critical thinking skills and are able to transfer evidence-based practices to working life.

Program; It is planned and prepared for students to specialize in the profession of midwifery, which deals with human health from the prenatal period and mainly aims to protect the health of the mother and child, generally the family and society, and to find the opportunity to develop themselves.

Providing training opportunities to midwives with the program; Transferring in-depth knowledge and experience specific to the field in order to carry their professions to an advanced professional identity; ensuring efficiency in health protection, development, early diagnosis and referral services of midwives through critical thinking, thus protecting and improving public health; improving the quality of care by reflecting evidence-based practices in work areas; It is aimed to meet the demand for postgraduate education in the field of midwifery at regional and national level. Midwifery Non-Thesis Master's Program; it only covers issues related to the development of midwifery roles, duties, authorities and responsibilities. It does not contain any sub-disciplines.

Scope of the Program

Istanbul Atlas University Midwifery Master's Program without Thesis; have a scientific understanding and can transform their knowledge in midwifery into a skill in the field of expertise, have comprehensive and contemporary knowledge and skills, creative and critical thinking skills, sensitive to the health problems and care needs of individuals, families and communities at national and international level, It educates scientists who can use community-supported and multidisciplinary approach methods in the field of midwifery, access and evaluate the concepts, principles and methods of midwifery, make scientific research, and transfer the advanced midwifery knowledge and skills gained to the field of practice and principles of midwifery. In the Midwifery Master's Program without Thesis, there are elective courses as well as compulsory courses related to basic medical sciences, midwifery and general culture.

The Midwifery Master's Program without Thesis consists of a total of 30 credits and a term project course with at least ten courses, not less than 60 ECTS. The student must register for the term project course in the semester in which the term project course is taken and submit a written project and / or report at the end of the semester. The term project course is non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. At most three of the courses to be taken by the student can be selected from undergraduate courses provided that they have not been taken during undergraduate education. A proficiency exam can be applied at the end of the education process according to the principles determined by the Senate.