Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Program

The aim of Istanbul Atlas University Graduate Education Institute Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Program is; To train dieticians who are competent to analyze social problems in the field of nutrition, bring creative thinking to the fore, and produce solutions to the nutritional and health problems of the society. Studies have shown that an individual's diet from birth may increase the risk of some chronic diseases. The main problem underlying many diseases that cause child death is seen as nutritional deficiency. For all these reasons, it is very important to know the anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the organism in every period of life starting from fertilization, to apply nutritional principles in this direction and to gain the right nutritional habits at an earlier age. In addition, dietitians who can make nutrition plans for individuals and groups in line with the principles of nutritional science, develop and regulate patient and disease-specific diets, control the proper preparation of these diets, can think independently, adhere to ethical values ​​and follow the innovations in their field. Istanbul Atlas University Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program has been established to educate. In this direction, Nutrition and Dietetics Master Program; With the trainings given by the expert "clinical dietician" and expert academicians who plan, implement, educate and monitor the patient, in the light of the science of dietetics, it will enable the training of "diabetes dieticians" in particular.

The courses and their contents in the education and training program of the Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program are constantly updated with new information revealed in scientific and current research in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The courses in this program are given by experienced faculty members who have proven their success in their fields.