Occupational Therapy Graduate Program

As part of the rehabilitation field, occupational therapy is a person-centered health profession that improves health and well-being through activities and contributes to many different medical fields. The primary purpose of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate actively in daily life activities.

The aim of Istanbul Atlas University Postgraduate Education Institute Occupational Therapy Department Master Program is; Can accurately analyze the needs of individuals or groups who have problems in participating in daily life for any reason, reach up-to-date scientific information and improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals or groups by designing innovative practices in the light of evidence-based approaches for solutions, developing new research and research at international standards in the field of occupational therapy. Having a good command of the ways of obtaining information, having the ability to interpret the information, acquire the skills to present the information blended, and have the principle of sharing professional knowledge, working with different disciplines, being aware of their own skills, able to transfer their professional skills and competencies correctly with effective communication, acting with the principles of lifelong learning, intervention and research To train qualified experts who can develop skills and know and apply ethical rules very well.

The courses and their contents in the education and training program of the Department of Occupational Therapy Master's Program are prepared with reference to the current scientific resources of the field and are updated regularly in the light of new information. The courses of the program are conducted by successful faculty members, each of whom has experience in their field, through interactive courses that encourage student participation and development.