Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Program

Priority targets in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation; to relieve pain, to increase the level of physical activity and quality of life of individuals, to generalize preventive rehabilitation and to contribute to the formation of policies regarding health services.

Istanbul Atlas University Graduate Education Institute Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master's Program; Follows, interprets and applies scientific studies in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, has the ability to construct and conduct a scientific research, keep ethical values ​​at the top, adopt lifelong learning, can discuss current problems in physiotherapy and rehabilitation science in our country and in the world and offer appropriate solutions It aims to train specialist physiotherapists.

In addition to the compulsory courses, students are offered the opportunity to choose courses according to their interests, to plan a thesis and to specialize.

Courses belonging to the program; It is carried out by highly qualified faculty members who share and question knowledge, have professional, ethical values, strong communication skills and are experienced in their field.

Physiotherapists who complete the program receive the title of "scientist". Graduates, who are well-equipped in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, have a wide range of employment opportunities. It can conduct clinical studies in the public and private sectors; They can also work as academicians at various universities. In addition to these, they can continue their studies in various universities and research units in the country or abroad and apply for related doctoral programs.