Speech and Language Therapy Graduate Program

Speech and language therapy; It is an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, independent and applied science field that complements each other. Because of this feature, it is intertwined with many medical and health departments and diagnosis / therapy processes are also carried out jointly. Voice disorders, especially with ENT; stuttering with psychiatry and psychology; cleft lip and palate with plastic surgery; dental and jaw problems with orthodontics; auditory rehabilitation with audiology; Neurology-acquired neurogenic language disorders (aphasia) and swallowing problems are followed together.

Speech and language therapy is a popular profession with autonomy, which is newly developing in our country, but takes its place among the professions of the future in line with the needs in many fields. Our aim as Istanbul Atlas University Language and Speech Therapy Master Program; To train expert "language and speech therapists" who know the ways of accessing information, can take responsibility, have developed professional practice skills, have high judgment, can perform their profession in the best way within the framework of ethical rules and follow the innovations in their field. Phonetic, Acoustics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical Linguistics, Special Education Sciences courses and Language Disorders (delayed speech, etc.), Speech Disorders (stuttering, etc.) It is given by the staff.

As Istanbul Atlas University Language and Speech Therapy Master's Program, it is aimed to prioritize training on clinical practice. Vadi İstanbul We have a Delayed Language Speech Laboratory, Speech Sound Disorders Laboratory, Fluent Speech Disorders Laboratory, Special Needs Individuals Education Laboratory, Neurogenic Speech Disorders Laboratory, Voice Disorders Laboratory and Swallowing Disorders Laboratory, established on an area of ​​500 square meters within the campus and equipped with the latest technological devices. In addition to the existing disability, language and speech difficulties are frequently seen in groups with special needs or developing differently (autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, mental disability, etc.). Therefore, it will be ensured that language and speech therapy services are provided to individuals with both typical development and special needs, and our students will be able to practice with these groups. In addition, a rich professional experience will be provided with application and internship opportunities at Atlas University Medicine Hospital. It is aimed that our laboratories and our clinic in the hospital will host researches that will contribute to the literature and that the students who have completed their master's degree are equipped both clinically and academically.